Standing up for Canberra

Another Kick in the Guts for Canberra

90 Second Speech - 9 May 2018

Once again, Canberrans were bracing themselves for last night’s Budget. And once again, they were kicked in the guts by the Turnbull Government.

Once again, they’re been attacked and insulted by yet another Budget dominated by cuts to the public service, next to no investment in infrastructure and complete and utter contempt for our nation’s capital.

More cuts to the public service. Last year we lost 2000 jobs, this year it’s more than 3500.

More cuts to our national institutions. Last year the attack was on the Australian War Memorial and the National Archives.

This year the national archives has again lost more staff, and the National Library has also lost staff, deputy speaker.

And we've got cuts to education, hospitals, TAFE and the energy supplement for pensioners. The disappointment doesn’t stop there, deputy speaker.

Once again, there’s been next to no investment in infrastructure in Canberra. Last year the infrastructure investment here in Canberra, in the ACT, in the nation's capital, was 0.004 percent of the national budget. And guess what it was this year, deputy speaker? The princely sum of 0.2 percent of the national infrastructure investment budget.

Deputy speaker, once again Canberra has been kicked in the guts by the Turnbull Government in this budget and it, again, is under sustained attack.