Standing up for Canberra

Another attack on Canberra from Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott has today reaffirmed his commitment to slash and burn Canberra should he be elected in September by proudly declaring his desire to move some Commonwealth Departments from Canberra to Tasmania.

Such a move would be disastrous for Canberra and is reminiscent of 1996 when John Howard slashed more than 30,000 jobs following his election.
Mr Abbott and his team have not only promised to cut 20,000 public service jobs if elected, but have also pledged to move remaining jobs outside Canberra.
Mr Abbott declared on radio earlier this month "To the extent that we need public servants - and we certainly need some of them - why not try to locate as many of them as we can reasonably locate outside of Canberra?” 
Today Mr Abbott confirmed that the relocation of Commonwealth agencies and functions to Tasmania was a policy priority.
We know from 1996 that this promise of mass job cuts will devastate the Canberra economy. Mr Abbott will add to this pain by relocating the jobs he doesn’t cut.