ANAO report shows Payne and Pyne pay more for less

An ANAO review of base service management which found ballooning service costs and failing service delivery shows the Turnbull Government is not taking Defence seriously. 

The responsible minister – whoever that is – needs to take responsibility for this embarrassing result.

The ANAO report shows what happens when a Government treats the Defence portfolio as an afterthought, cycling through eight ministers in three years.

This report shows the Turnbull Government’s Defence team is more concerned with getting promoted than getting bins emptied or hospital patients fed.

Instead of a united team treating our Service people with the respect they deserve, we have Defence Ministers who are too busy fighting over their  jobs to actually do them.

Labor commissioned an audit of the Defence Budget in 2008 to scrutinise expenditure, including non-equipment procurement, which led to the Defence Strategic Reform Program in the 2009 Defence White Paper.

Labor’s concern in government was with ensuring base services contracts were both sustaining Defence capability and optimising taxpayer value for money.

It’s typical of this Government that a cost-saving measure would end up costing money.

The Turnbull Government should be focussed on making sure services for our military personnel are efficient and high quality, not fighting amongst themselves.


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