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ACT Liberals must clarify NBN rollout timetable

Liberal MLA Giulia Jones has written to Kambah voters promising the NBN rollout will begin this month, saying:

“…the NBN rollout for Kambah will commence in October this year and be completed in 2017.”

nbn’s own timetable lists Quarter 4 2016 for commencement. It does not specify a month.

There has been no update to the rollout schedule and discussions with nbn suggest that the commencement time for the rollout in Kambah is likely to be delayed to early 2017.

If this is the case, where did the Canberra Liberals get their advice on the nbn rollout in Kambah from?

Has the rollout plan changed?

Kambah residents are understandably confused why a Canberra Liberal MLA is saying one thing and nbn is saying another.

Under Labor, Kambah was set to have the NBN by 2015. But thanks to the Liberal’s cuts, the due date blew out to 2016, then blew out again to 2018.

The Kambah community deserves a world-class, fibre-to-the-premise NBN rollout.

It does not deserve to be told in an election campaign that things are happening if they are not.