Standing up for Canberra

ACT Labor representatives call on local Liberals to support school reform

Member for Canberra, Gai Brodtmann, Member for Fraser, Andrew Leigh and Senator for the ACT, Kate Lundy, have today welcomed the ACT Government’s decision to sign on to the National Plan for School Improvement. The decision will benefit 62,000 ACT school students.

The three Labor representatives also called on ACT Liberal Senate candidate, Zed Seselja, to outline where he stands on school funding.

The Gillard Government has committed to grow its school education spending by 4.7 per cent per year from 2014.

The Liberals, however, support a broken school system that will see schools lose millions of dollars over the forward estimates.
In addition to promising to cut 20,000 jobs from the Canberra public service, cuts to the SchoolKids Bonus and increased taxes on low income workers’ superannuation, the Liberals will also subject Canberrans to their outdated approach to school funding.

Canberra and its excellent schools cannot afford the Liberal government’s views on education funding.

The Gillard Government’s reforms are a once in a lifetime opportunity to address the current broken funding system. 

They are in the interests of all Australian children, and they are in our national interest so we can take economic advantage of the opportunities of the Asian century.