Standing up for Canberra

Abbott using Defence as job bargaining chip should end

The Defence portfolio has been plagued by a series of backflips and broken promises since the Abbott Government delivered last year’s shocker of a Budget.

The Abbott Government has made a string of disastrous decisions over the past 12 months which have ultimately hurt Defence.
We have seen a Defence Minister claim he would not trust the Australian Submarine Corporation to ‘build a canoe’, significantly damaging the relationship between the Abbott Government and workers at ASC.
We have seen Tony Abbott try and cut the real wages of ADF personnel, sparking widespread community outrage and forcing him to reverse his unfair decision.
We have seen chaos surrounding the Future Submarines Project, with Tony Abbott back flipping on his pre-election promise to build the submarines in Adelaide, and then using this vital national security project as a bargaining chip to secure his job.
We have seen the contracts for Navy’s two new supply ships sent offshore, undermining Australia’s shipbuilding industry.

And we have seen a complete denigration of the Defence workforce, with the Abbott Government already slashing 2,406 civilian jobs from Defence and earmarking at least another 1,000 job cuts as a result of the First Principles Review.

Federal Labor urges the Government to use the 2015 Budget to end the chaos and uncertainty facing Defence.

The Abbott Government must secure the future of Australia's strategically vital shipbuilding industry and its thousands of workers.

Our shipbuilding industry deserves a rational path forward to preserve this important strategic capability—as well as the jobs and investment that come with it.

The Government’s current incompetent approach to Defence policy must end.