Standing up for Canberra

Abbott to sack Canberra public service workers

ACT representatives Kate Lundy, Gai Brodtmann and Andrew Leigh today demanded that Tony Abbott reverse his decision to sack 20,000 workers and cut services in his push to move government departments out of Canberra.

With today’s release of the Liberal’s northern Australia policy, it has been confirmed that in addition to sacking 20,000 public servants, Tony Abbott will move further jobs and services out of the ACT to remote northern Australia.

It is clear that Tony Abbott would abandon Canberra if he became Prime Minister – slashing services and moving jobs out.

Abbott: “We don't need the 20,000 extra Commonwealth public sector employees.” (Abbott, Bolt Report, 24 March 2013)

Canberrans deserve to know which agencies, which departments and which services he will cut from Canberra and send north.

The people who work in the public service and the businesses that rely on them deserve to know if Tony Abbott is sending their job to remote Australia.

We also need to know if ACT Liberal Senate candidate Zed Seselja supports Abbott’s plan – it’s time he came clean.

Canberra deserves to know.