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Abbott Government's cut to Defence pay a disgrace

The Abbott Government's disgraceful decision to cut the real pay and conditions of Australian Defence Force personnel has today been confirmed by the Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal.

Tony Abbott should hang his head in shame at cutting the real wages of our ADF personnel and cutting their Christmas and Recreational Leave compensation leave.

It is inexplicable that this Government can send our service men and women into harm’s way, and at the same time force the ADF to take a real pay cut.

There is no good reason why the Government couldn't offer a fair deal - the Government's own Budget papers reveal the funds for a fair pay deal had already been provided for.

This Government is cutting pensions including veteran's pensions, it is cutting payments to families on low and middle incomes, it is cutting universities - and now it is cutting soldiers' pay. 

All at the same time as its shovelling money to big polluters, giving mining companies a tax cut and paying millionaires $50,000 to have a baby.

Over the past three years, ADF wages have increased by an average of 3 percent every year; the Abbott Government pay increase of 1.5 percent per annum – well below inflation.

The Abbott Government has gone ahead and cut the real pay of our service personnel, despite Assistant Minister for Defence Stuart Robert saying in 2011 that it was ''outrageous'' to make a pay offer below inflation.

Australia asks our ADF personnel to defend our country and protect our national security – Labor is asking the Government to pay them properly and give them appropriate leave.
Our Defence Force shouldn't have to fight our Government for decent pay and conditions.