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Abbott Government’s broken promise on submarines

The Abbott Government has confirmed yet another broken promise with the release of a discussion paper that questions the value of building our new submarine fleet in Australia, says Acting Shadow Minister for Defence Gai Brodtmann.

Before the election, then Shadow Defence Minister David Johnston said:

"We will deliver those submarines from right here at ASC in South Australia. The Coalition today is committed to building 12 new submarines here in Adelaide." [David Johnston Press Conference – 8 May 2013]

“Since winning the election, Senator Johnston has refused to recommit to this promise,” Ms Brodtmann said.

“Walking away from his promise to build these submarines in Australia will hurt Australia’s defence capability and will result in thousands of job losses.

“This comes on top of the Abbott Government’s decision to exclude Australian companies from building the two new Navy supply ships.

“It is clear that the Abbott Government is prepared to abandon the Australian shipbuilding industry, with no regard for the loss of jobs, skills and capability that will result.

“Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has already confirmed that the prospect of purchasing submarines from Japan has been discussed with the Japanese Government.

“Australia deserves a Government that keeps its promises, and is prepared to stand up for our strategically vital shipbuilding industry and its thousands of highly skilled workers.”