Standing up for Canberra


I’ve had a gutful of the Abbott Government’s sustained attack on Canberra and the public service. 

Since this government was elected, we’ve seen 17,300 public service jobs axed – 8,500 in Canberra.

We’ve heard plans to relocate agencies to centres outside our nation’s capital – despite Sir Robert Menzies’ vision for Canberra to 'build up Canberra as a capital in the eyes and minds of the Australian people’.

We’ve had to endure public servants described as rorters and double dippers and treated as costs rather than people with families and mortgages and car loans and hopes and dreams like every other Australian.

I’ve had a gutful of the sustained attack on the people who defend our nation, who secure our borders, who keep our streets safe, who educate our kids, who look after us when we're sick, who develop, implement and communicate government policies and programs, who support us when times are tough.

I’ve had a gutful of the Abbott Government’s demonisation of its own workforce.

Like you, I joined the public service to make a difference and improve the lives of Australians.

Like you, I was immensely proud of the work I did, in policy making, in communication, in researching and writing submissions and briefs, in representing our country overseas. 

Like you, I took my job seriously because it was about improving the lives of Australians.

So if you are proud of the service you provide to this great nation - as you should be - then let me know.

Email or send me a direct Facebook message, and let me know why you are a proud servant of democracy.

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