Standing up for Canberra

National commemoration for Operation Slipper

Federal Labor has today joined Australians across the country in commemorating the end of Operation Slipper.

Operation Slipper involved more than 34,500 Australian personnel, encompassing Australia’s contribution to the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) mission in Afghanistan, and the International Coalition against Terrorism mission across Afghanistan and the Middle East.

Operation Slipper is the longest military commitment in Australian history, commencing in October 2001 and concluding in December 2014. It involved the Australian Defence Force, the Australian Federal Police, and many Australian Public Service staff.

Labor honours and is proud of all Australians who were involved in this vital mission.

Although far from home, their contribution has made our country more secure.

Today is also a day to remember the dedication, courage and sacrifice of our service men and women, especially the families of the 41 Australian soldiers killed during Operation Slipper.

The ADF can be rightly proud of the role they have played in defeating the Taliban and creating a more stable and secure environment to allow the Afghan Government to establish itself.

Commemoration events have been held in every capital city, and Townsville.