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Defence and Ex-Service organisations join call for fair ADF pay deal

The National Round Table of Defence and Ex-Service member Organisations have called on the Prime Minister to reconsider his unfair pay deal for Australian Defence Force personnel, which cuts their real pay and conditions.

The National Round Table, which includes the Defence Force Welfare Association, Legacy Australia Council, the Vietnam Veterans Federation, have joined other organisations such as the Returned and Services League and the Defence Force Welfare Association to criticise the Government’s unfair pay deal.

The National Round Table has expressed its disappointment “with the recent Government decisions winding back the level of biannual adjustments to the Veterans Disability and War Widows Pensions and the 1.5% pay increase for ADF members which is well below the projected living cost movements.”

Earlier this morning, Tony Abbott also agreed that our serviceman and women deserve better.

“We all want to do the right thing by those who have done the right thing by our country and no one does the right thing by our country more than our service personnel; particularly those who see frontline service.”

Tony Abbott at PM’s XI Breakfast
20 November 2014

The Prime Minister has the power to do the right thing by our ADF personnel by immediately reconsidering his Government’s unfair pay deal.

“Actions speak louder than words,” Shadow Assistant Minister for Defence David Feeney said.

“Tony Abbott says he wants to do the right thing, but he is degrading the remuneration and pensions of our serving and ex-serving ADF members - the very people that protect this country.

“He is also introducing legislation to cut the pensions of 280,000 veterans, war widows, war orphans and disabled veterans by slashing the rate of indexation, scrapping the Seniors Supplement for War Veterans, and axing the three months’ backdating of veterans’ disability pensions.”

Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Defence Gai Brodtmann said: “The Abbott Government has until 1 December to ask the Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal to reconsider its unfair and insulting offer.

“Labor opposes the Government’s clear disregard for this serious issue, and will continue to fight for a fair deal for our Defence personnel.”