ADF personnel worse off under Abbott's PPL scheme

Tony Abbott’s proposed cuts to Paid Parental Leave will see female ADF personnel lose 18 weeks of paid leave with their newborn baby.

New mothers working in the ADF combine their employer funded 14 weeks of parental leave with the Government’s scheme. That’s exactly how Labor’s Paid Parental Leave scheme was designed to work.

It is inexplicable that this Government can send our service women into harm’s way, and at the same time cut their precious Paid Parental Leave.

Female ADF personnel face unique challenges in managing their work and family time and they deserve better for the sacrifice and service they render to our nation than to be insulted by the Prime Minister, the Treasurer and Minister for Social Services.

In March this year the Prime Minister said he valued our ADF personnel.

“The Australian Government understands that the work performed by members of the Australian Defence Force is unique and crucial to our nation and our security”


The Prime Minister should hang his head in shame.

Thanks to his Government, thousands of mothers, including those in the ADF, will be worse off in the early months of their child’s life.

The Productivity Commission, the Fair Work Ombudsman and business groups agree that employer contributions are an important part of ensuring women can access appropriate periods of paid parental leave.

This is another slap in the face for ADF personnel after the Prime Minister tried to cut their pay and conditions last year.

Labor will oppose any attacks on ADF pay and conditions, including cuts to their Paid Parental Leave.

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