Standing up for Canberra

90 Second Statement: Local Sporting Champions

Canberra lays claim to producing some of the world's greatest sporting stars.

This year I have had the honour of presenting 63 awards to our local sporting champions.

I know we will be seeing many of these names up in the bright lights on the world stage before too long.

Keep an eye out for:

Angus Alford,
Chloe Arnold,
Madison Arnold,
Joshua Arnold,
Marcus Bateup,
Jeremy Blick,
Lily Bray,
Georgia Bryant,
Sophira Bryen,
Oliver Bryson,
Noah Budd,
Kai Calloway,
Matthew Cameron,
Tara Cannon,
Nicholas Coghill,
Lachlan Cunanan,
Max Curry,
Patrick Dunn,
Sean Edwards,
Zoe Evans,
Joshua Grovenor,
Poppy Hancox,
Lachlan Hope,
Chloe Ives,
Lucy Jalland,
Sophie Jung,
Georgia Keane,
Kiara Keane,
Jordyn Kearney,
David Kidd,
Clare Kwiatkowski,
Noah Le Lievre,
Chandler Leydon,
Taine Lockton,
Olivia Malone,
Samuel Manton,
Samantha McAlister-Scott,
Alexander McDonald,
James Micallef,
Eloise Millington,
Laura Monterosso,
Ryan Navin,
Ada Nebauer,
Emily O'Brien,
Benjamin Paton,
Gabrielle Petersen,
Riley Proudfoot,
Rebecca Rainey,
Zachary Rauter,
Alexander Sangah,
Jonny Sheridan,
Catherine Smith,
Charlie Snow,
Mitchell Thomas,
Lauren Thomas,
Ally Thornton,
Georgia Tongs,
Sofiya Vakar,
Minski Wade Quayle,
Dylan White,
Georgia Willey,
Eric Wong, and;
Lucia Zarak.