Standing up for Canberra

90 Second Statement: End of Year Thank You

This is my final 90 Second Statement for 2018.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped me serve and advocate for the Canberra community over the course of the year. On this International Volunteers Day,

I want to thank:

Jack McCaffrie,
Kerry Burton,
Eva Cawthorne,
Ian Pieper ,
William Pieper,
Ann Gardiner,
Jenny Nicholson,
Jacob Biggs,
Debra Biggs,
Chris Siedl,
Liz Morris,
Sandi and Diya Mitra,
Alex Wang,
Shannon Cook,
Tim Dobson,
Maryam Khazaeli,
Mal Larson,
Robyn McIntosh,
Sam Wilson,
Joann Khaira,
Eric Topp,
Lucy Topp,
Charlotte Corbyn,
Helen Fraser,
Toni Skyy,
Ian McLure,
Gerry Lloyd,
Jen Newman,
Georgina Vallance,
Chris Lang,
Nick Wheeler,
Jay McLinden, and;
Cath Byrne.

Also, to my part time team:

Martin Geng,
Neda Fereidounkhan,
Catherine Moggach,
Benjamin Magrath,
Robert Potter,
Byron Nagy, and;
ANU intern, Kate Dawson.

Finally to my tireless, fab full time team: Vic Robertson, Steph Brimson and Drew Eppelstun.

Enjoy the break, Canberra. Enjoy the time with your family and friends and the opportunity to reflect on what is important.

And please - if you're travelling interstate - please, travel safely.

Stop, Revive, Survive. Please, enjoy the break.