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90 Second Statement: Elliot's NBN Saga Part 2

Elliot’s NBN Saga - Part 2.

Elliot tried to get an NBN connection; he’s been trying since September last year.

And here’s a summary of what he’s been enduring since then and hold on, it’s quite a ride.

Between September and October, NBN Co wouldn’t and couldn’t accept that the equipment needed to connect his apartment complex to the NBN was already installed.

So photos were sent to NBN Co to show the installed equipment.

In November, Elliot and his body corporate couldn’t get NBN Co to respond to them.

Three weeks later, NBN Co emerged from its radio silence, once again requesting photos of the installed equipment. So the photos were resent.  

Now the NBN connection was finally turned on.

Great rejoicing! Much excitement! However the excitement is short lived.

NBN Co cancelled the order and turned the service off!

It beggars belief, it absolutely beggars belief.  

Two weeks later and leading up to Christmas, an NBN technician arrived onsite to “install the service” and was shocked that all the equipment was already installed.  

The service went live again.

Yet in January, NBN told the ISP to turn off all connections because “work is still being required by the developer”.

This is the same work that was completed months ago! The same work that was shown in the photos sent to NBN Co six times! Count them, six times.

This is absolutely farcical, and I say to NBN Co, connect Elliot.