Standing up for Canberra

2014 School Legends

One of the highlights of my job is acknowledging the success of Canberra’s quiet achievers through my School Legends program.

I’m living proof of the transformative powers of education so I spend as much time as I can visiting our schools to learn about the great work being done by Canberra’s educators.

And during those visits I noticed there were plenty of awards for students who got straight As or exceled in sport – which is terrific. But there was a gap in the market for awards to students who overcame physical and personal challenges and adversity, yet still achieved their goals. So, School Legends was born.


The students are nominated by their school, and the awards send a strong message that their school community is watching out for them, knows what they are going through and that it supports them and loves them.
The legends are all extraordinary young people who show resilience, courage and a strength of character beyond their years.

And feedback from parents, teachers and carers suggests the program has made a big difference to boosting self-esteem and confidence in these brave young people.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved in this year’s program.

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A full list of the 2014 recipents can be found below:

Nikah Chalker
Jet Van den Dungen
Bethany Reed
Hamish Dakin
Phoebe Carter
Saleh Elfriteis
Safira Preece
Misan Elfriteis
Asha Ellis
Mohammed Elfriteis 
Tom Scanlan
Grace Mengelcamp
Rilan Barber
Peter Vaana
Luke Ott  
Shane Briant
Aithne Dann-Hotchin
Lachlan Evans 
Sophie Mengelcamp
Caleb Desmet 
Zack Roberts
Rosemary Irvine
Cameron Ferguson
Kowsar Mohamed 
Aeku Khay Yu
Owen-Michael Boston
Gordon Chatfield
Abby Ruspandini
Jordon Oakley 
Karlee Curtis-Sullivan
Nathan Nemec
Laura van der Muelen
Charlotte Savage 
Anastasia Jongsma
Jihad El-Istanbouli
Sarah Fowler
Zoe Aldridge
Flynn Robertson 
Henry Owens
Kate Woollard
Stephanie Hogan
Ethan Horrigan 
Petar Djordjevic-Ilic