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In collaboration with Linda Reynolds, Liberal Senator for Western Australia

Both of us entered politics to shape public policy and improve the lives of our community, our nation and, where possible, our world.

So, when research shows that peace lasts longer and conflict zones become more stable when the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) framework is implemented, we sit up, take notice and respond as leaders.

Less than 20 kilometres from Parliament House, in the nation's capital, in 2018, Canberrans are battling with upload and download speeds of less than one megabit per second.

It is with great pleasure that I rise to speak in support of the Veterans' Affairs Legislation Amendment (Veteran-centric Reforms No. 1) Bill 2018.

Reveal their secrets, protect our own: that's the mission of our Australian Signals Directorate. And given the nature of the agency, not many people know its mission or the work it has done for the Australian community.

In December, I first wrote to the Minister for Transport, Darren Chester, requesting a meeting to discuss the reasons behind flight cancellations to and from Canberra.

“All government agencies take their cyber security responsibilities very seriously” according to the Department of Home Affairs Secretary Mike Pezzullo during Senate Estimates.

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