Send Me Your Speeds

When it comes to the NBN rollout, Canberrans are missing out.

Small businesses are missing out on opportunities to expand into new markets around the world.

Students are missing out on course materials, while their classmates in a different suburb can access them in minutes.

Others are missing out on opportunities to meet up with a local group or access and engage the broader community or Government.

The latest NBN rollout map has left off large sections of Canberra - once again.

I’ve petitioned and called upon the Government to prioritise Canberra on the NBN rollout map, many times.

I’ve written to the Minister and made countless speeches in Parliament.

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to tell the Government.

We need to show them.

So jump onto the internet, do a speed test, take a screenshot of the results and email it to me at

I’ll collect the results and deliver them to the Government.

Because if they’re not listening, we’ll make them look.



  1. Jump online to one of the many internet speed test websites (a number of constituents have told me they’ve had the best luck with

  2. Take a screenshot of the results. (Windows has a built-in program called ‘Snipping tool’ which could help)

  3. Email me the screenshot, along with any other information you’d like to include, at

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    Feel free to use the Speedtest results I have previously sent you!