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Thousands of Canberrans are still waiting for the NBN and have no idea if or when they will get it.

Before the election the Liberals promised that all Australians would have access to the NBN by the end of 2016.

At the end of 2013, the Government admitted it would be breaking this promise.

Now large parts of the ACT will get a second rate NBN that relies on old copper.

That’s if Canberrans can even find their suburb on the rollout map.

I’m campaigning for the Turnbull Government to prioritise Canberra’s NBN rollout.

I want the NBN for Canberra – and I want it now.

Sign the petition to let the Government know you want it too.

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    Hi Gai, As a former Victorian you would understand how important it is to be able to watch the AFL. Tonight I tried to watch the Hawthorn Geelong game but with a download speed of point 42mbs it was impossible. I had to wait over 1 minute for no more than 5 seconds of game time to download. I am 3kms from the exchange and am using ADSL2 from iiNet. Wet weather also seems to adversely effect our internet experience – perhaps moisture seeping into the copper wiring somewhere along the line.
  • signed 2017-02-08 21:58:26 +1100
    I work for a large US multinational IT tech company – 90% from home, and I have been searching for a long time to see when Conder is getting NBN, or at least Internet speed much faster than the current 5Mbps. In the company I have one of the slowest access speeds.
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    I live in Conder and pay for 25mb/s download speeds. Instead I get top speeds of 6mb/s and have many occasions where the download speed will be lower than the upload speed.
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  • signed 2016-12-19 10:53:03 +1100
    Our internet speed in Spence is a disgrace. Its about 1 MPS. And we are about 15 kms from parliament house. The government should be ashamed of this. Bring on the NBN – soon please!
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    My internet speed is 0.18 mbps.
  • signed 2016-12-11 09:30:39 +1100
    I live at HOLDER in the Capital City, only 11km or 13 minutes by car from high tech Parliament House were the big technical decision for NBN, innovative, let’s get moving, Australia was made. I’m still waiting, its nearly 2017, all indications are it still might be another 3+ years in coming to my suburb if I’m really lucky. Hurry up and wait some more seems to be the message, I’m getting, it’s a big project. Waiting, waiting and more wait……

    Signed: Waiter
  • signed 2016-12-03 14:02:07 +1100
    I am lucky to have the NBN in gungahlin. But my mum in Lyons has a speed of 0.25.

    Pages just fail to load completely with that speed.
  • signed 2016-12-01 10:50:32 +1100
    It’s time that Canberra moves out of the 1990s using infrastructure reminiscent of a developing country, to use a modern FTTP system.
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    Internet here is terrible.. and we were told it would change before… lets do something about it!
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  • signed 2016-09-27 09:05:56 +1000
    Dear Gai

    I run a psychology practice from my home office in Gleneagles. We only have Telstra’s antiquated ADSL 1 copper line so it’s impossible for my small business to download large admin files or stream live video conferences with colleagues etc. Our neighbours have set up an online community to promote our urgent need for fibre to the home because fibre to the node will not be efficient or effective for the small businesses we operate from Gleneagles. We have tried asking NBN Co. for help but have had no access. My understanding is the plan is to virtually bypass Gleneagles and leave us to try and access NBN via wireless technology etc. Small businesses definitely need fibre to the premises, not fibre to the node. Anything you can do to ensure residents of Gleneagles get fibre to the home would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, James Cooney, (B.App.Sc.Psych.; P.G. Dip Psych.Org.; M. Psych.Org,; M. App. Sc. Health Admin,; M.D.I.P.P. M.C.O.P.; M.A.P.S.)

    Principal Psychologist

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    CCA Psychologists

    Aligning Your Organisation’s Psychology, Culture and Behaviour, With Your Enterprise Vision, Values and Strategy.
  • signed 2016-09-24 22:06:02 +1000
    My poor connection at home in Conder would not be as much of an issue if my university in Bruce had a reliable connection.
  • signed 2016-09-15 17:27:33 +1000
    Although I am a low-key internet user, I know too many who have woeful internet access here in Canberra. Good on you Gai for taking this government to task over their second rate NBN performance.
  • signed 2016-09-12 15:06:19 +1000
    So maybe we can pay half the rates. Why does Monash in Tuggeranong ACT gets the bad deal. Rates have been going up regularly but all the amenities going to south. Voting time soon maybe we should not cast our votes or reduce our rates by 50 percent if we can’t get the services.
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    All my Tuggeranong friends sign this petition please
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    Patrick Orr
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